Steamed Momos

Steamed Momos

♥ I love Steamed Momos
I first had momo’s in Kathmandu, Nepal in the 1980’s. Before that divine experience, the closest thing I have eaten  is steamed dim-sims from a Chinese restaurant.

Nothing I have ever had before or since has ever come close to the steamed momos from Kathmandu.
Once has to ponder the possibility that it is merely a romantic memory that makes them taste so good?
I have now had steamed momos made by Tibetans and Nepalis many times in Australia.

In case you are wondering what they are, they are little dim-sim like dumplings, with an outer layer of spongy white flour dough, I think the original recipe uses rice flour, and stuffed with finely minced meat or vegetables. In Kathmandu the most common ones were meat, usually buffalo, as cows are sacred there or sometimes goat meat.

Were the momos in Kathmandu actually superior ingredients? I doubt it. But it’s a phenomnea that is quite common, any food eaten in its country of origin is  almost without exception tastes much better than anything you get back home.

Take Thai food for example, in Australia, Thai food flourishes. Yet I have not experienced anything as delicious, fresh and with the piqnacy that I had in Thailand even though much of it is made by Thais. (The Spirit House is the only exception, but that is Thai-fusion)
What makes the experience better in the country of origin?
Is it the experience and vibe of the place that adds to to taste and the zing? Is it just our memory makes it taste better?

The above pic is of homemade momos from a kitchen in Kathmandu, Nepal. They are the real deal.

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