Japanese Food – Yum

Japanese Food – Yum

Wagaya Japanese Restaurant, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I was totally blown away by this restaurant. From the very first moment I was hooked. The front door was on the street and we had to walk upstairs so from the street you have really no idea what you are in store for.

My son announced fatalistically, ” I didn’t book a table, I hope it’s not full.”
“It’s a sleepy Sunday night in Brisbane, how could it possibly be full?” I proffered.
“It’s only new and it’s already really popular. You’ll see, it’s really different from anything else around.”
Climbing the stairs, (stairway to foodie heaven as it turns out) and upon reaching the front counter, a group of the wait staff all shouted a welcome to us in Japanese in unison. I was told that  in Japan, this is quite common. I have been to a few Japanese restaurants in my time and have never experienced it before.

This restaurant is a stand out for three reasons.

  • The food was wonderful and served extra fast.
  • The seating is all in very private booths that sit up to eight.
  • It had a computer touch screen on every table to place your order.

It was lots of interactive fun perusing all the offerings merely by a touch of the screen. Hey presto, the food arrived within minutes. It was fresh and fast. A couple of items took longer to arrive but they were meaty and did need more time to cook properly.

When you  finished ordering you pressed the button for the bill, it was bought to your table, you paid and left. I was completely satisfied.

It’s not just a place to fill the tummy, it was a fun, novel all round exciting experience. How eating out should be.

Find Wagaya below.


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